Innovation with MGS Cyber Security Service

Make your business Cyber Resilient to manage risk and accelerate your business


Improve your security posture

MGS helps measure and understand security performance with Continuous Controls Monitoring by unifying your security KPI measurements and establishing a single trusted view.


Elevate the trust through zero trust monitoring

MGS Zero Trust Monitoring services offer around-the-clock event monitoring, event handling, security analysis, and synchronized management of devices, Hybrid, systems, and applications to maintain security and compliance.


Breach response and recovery

MGS helps organizations test their overall security posture, including infrastructure configuration, network vulnerabilities, employee security awareness, and security control assessments.

Cyber Security Offerings

Integrate multiple Cyber Security tools for cyber-hygiene validation

Continuously monitor, analyze the health of these cybersecurity tools in a single pane of glass. Provide necessary alerts and remediation recommendations in the event of tool misconfigurations or malfunctions on a near real-time basis​.

Cyber security posture assessment platform

Centralized dashboard with scores to provide insights related to current and predictive security posture along with information on remediating the posture.

Quantitively measure cyber security performance & ROI

Our reporting module provides updated information about the organization’s cybersecurity tools status and cyber posture views.

Track Compliance Monitoring, Anomaly Alerts, Threat Intelligence

Keep the organization compliant with regulatory compliances like (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, etc.).Alerts for the deviation from normal behaviour of the system & apprise of the current and emerging threats

Vulnerability free application

Reduced application type security incidents